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3 space saving ideas for small gardens

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When you have a small space to work with, organisation is always critical. With a home garden, you inevitably have the same amount of tools and supplies that are needed to tend to a larger garden. However, you may be working with half the space available.

While the size of the garden itself may not be important, the fact is that your storage space may be minimal. The good news is that there are some excellent ideas that you can implement to save space in your small garden area.

These are three of the best.

Hang Your Tools

Even the smallest gardens may require you to use a trowel, a spade and other small hand-held tools. If your garden is a little larger yet still on the small size, you may need access to a rake, a shovel, a spade and other related items. Regardless of the size of your tools, you may benefit from hanging your tools on a wall. This may be the wall of your home or a nearby fence, or you may want to hang them in a storage shed. The inside of storage shed is a great idea, and you can use leftover trellis work or other miscellaneous items to create a hanging area for these items. If you don’t have shed, get a fence (Buy Fencing Direct is a good place to look), screw in some galvanised hooks and then, critically, attach a lean to cover so that the rain doesn’t rust them. You could fashion this out of wood or even just use a piece of tarp.

Use Pots Wisely

You may also consider using your extra pots for different purposes. These can be stored in a back corner and used as storage containers for work gloves and small hand-held tools. You can use them to store extra fertiliser or other items that you do not want to keep loose, and they can conceal the bag or other container they come in.

As for growing in pots, you can achieve really amazing results if you choose the right plants and treat them well. You don’t even need to use large planters – there are incredible things you can do with hanging baskets and racks too.

Organise Your Seeds and Plant Labels

You can also consider organising your seeds and plant labels using special organizers. For example, you can use a sewing or scrapbooking organiser that has a clear lid to store your seeds. You can place the seed covers on top of each section of the container so that you still have access to the information you need about your seeds and plants. You can also use the same concept to keep track of your plastic labels for small plants that you purchase for your garden. More ideas here on the RHS website.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can organize your small garden area. While space may be limited, you still have many items that you need to use and to keep track of. When you implement these great ideas, you will enjoy wonderful results.

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