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3 top tips for finding winter sun

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Indeed, the UK’s miserable weather is expected to drive “hordes of Brits abroad for a week or two”, say experts at the Overseas Guides Company. For some, though, a holiday is less a priority than a holiday home, offering a warm bolt-hole to survive the winter.

“With this year’s unusually persistent rain, how many of us wish we had a place somewhere warm and dry to shoot out to for a few days or a week before – or over – Christmas?” says Angelos Koutsoudes, Head of the OverseasGuidesCompany.com, who publish guides to buying property in and moving to 15 different countries.

“But buyers looking for somewhere that offers respite from the UK’s winter climate should be certain their chosen resort or area offers everything that they want. For example, that southern Spain can get very cold in the winter if you’re off the coast often takes people by surprise, as does how cold the northern Costa Brava near the Pyrenees gets.

Proven winter destinations include the Caribbean, Florida, the Canaries and Egypt, but Koutsoudes highlights other European destinations that can also offer pleasant conditions, such as the Algarve and Costa del Sol.

He offers three key tips to determine the best place:

1. Ask expats how warm it is

A resort’s winter temperature can be much cooler – or warmer – than the guide books say. Speak to other expats, or (even better) visit yourself, to check a resort’s true winter temperature. Remember that a small distance can make a large difference: in Cyprus for example, it can be T-shirt weather on the beach, but chilly a few miles inland in the hills.

2. Check your flights

Flights can sometimes be less frequent during winter months. Be sure to check your potential holiday home hotspot for regular connections. Most budget airlines have summer and winter schedules and many destinations are less accessible during the winter – Menorca is a good example.

3. Aim for year-round action

Regardless of whether you intend to stay in your bolt-hole for more than just Christmas, aim for somewhere with action outside of mid and high seasons. Many resorts shut down or tourist businesses close during these periods. Those looking for somewhere that offers a bit of year-round action should check how seasonal a resort is. This can also mean you have more chance to rent out the property and make your money back over time.

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