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5 Secrets to Real Estate Investing

Posted by: In: Real Estate 08 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,
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Real estate investing has been around in various forms since mankind switched from being a nomad to farming the land. Certainly there are real estate investing techniques that all of us can learn from those that came before us. Here are five of the better real estate investing techniques that work today.

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  1. If you’re investing in rental houses, the best place to buy property is in lower to middle income properties on the fringe of good neighborhoods. These properties typically sell for about half of the cost of similar properties in the bordering better neighborhood. On top of that discount, a diligent investor will find properties selling for a 20% discount to market value. However, rents are typically about the same for both neighborhoods. This means the less costly house delivers twice the return on investment or more.
  2. There is a huge difference between real estate speculating and real estate investing. Real estate speculating is buying a property and hoping it goes up in value. A speculator might buy a strip mall on a street planned to be widened and have a freeway access ramp added. Investing before the road project is started means an almost certain …read more

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