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Agents warn of the risk of open houses

Posted by: In: Real Estate 29 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

Open houses are a traditional method used to attract attention to a property for sale or allow multiple buyers to view a home in a short period of time. Online estate agent Houses.co.uk, though, advise sellers to be cautious when holding an open house because of the security risks involved.

Indeed, with house prices surging and large numbers of buyers competing for each property, open house viewings are becoming increasingly common and, when busy, could see thieves sneak into your home and steal something unnoticed.

“You should always have at least two people conducting the viewing – not only does this help with answering questions when it’s busy, but it also makes sense from a security point of view,” says Russell Bennett, co-founded of the site.

“It’s also advisable to tidy away personal possessions and items such as laptops and jewellery, although you should do this for any type of viewing.”

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