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Beside the Seaside in the Heart of Paris

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While researching for yesterday’s article about Dubai’s beaches scoring high on the Telegraph’s list of the world’s most popular beaches , I found out something I didn’t know! Nestled in the Telegraph listing was Paris, which to my certain knowledge has no coastline and so how can the city be home to some of the world’s most popular beaches?

Naturally, I had to ask Google for the answer to this question and I have to say, the answer is quite delightful!

Every summer, urban beaches called ‘ The Paris Plages ‘ appear across the banks of Parisian rivers and canals, captivating residents and tourists from around the world by the City’s transformation to one of the most sophisticated beach resorts in the world.

Vast amounts of sand are brought into the centre of Paris to create the artificial beaches and riverside streets are blocked off to traffic. Lounge chairs are lined up facing the water in a strange juxtaposition to some of Europe’s most iconic architecture and ice-cream vendors wander through the crowds as they relax on the impromptu seaside.

Watersports are big during the Paris Plages season which runs from the third week of July and through most of August, with kayaking, canoes and sailboats available with qualified instruction free of charge. There are beach volley ball games, pedalos, free concerts, plenty of bijoux eateries and everything else you would expect at a beach even though you’re at a fake seaside in Central Paris!

The Paris Plages have remained a completely unique phenomenon since the first beach opened in 2002, along the riverside near the Louvre Museum to the Pont de Sully that crosses the river over the Ile de Saint Louis. There is no swimming allowed in the rivers but there are swimming and plunge pools together with a concert stages hosting free evening performances, rock climbing walls and boardwalk style cafes.

It just sounds so good the idea of buying a pied à terre in one of Paris’ trendy arrondissements has regained pole position on my ‘places to buy if I win the lottery’ wishlist.

It didn’t take long for me to locate my dream property on propertyshowrooms.com! I found a bijou one-bedder on the 18th arrondissement that fits the bill completely. If you’re buying in sterling you can currently snap this property up for just £380,000 and even though the apartment is just 55m², it is located in one of the typically gorgeous Parisian residential blocks, nestled among the vibrant City’s streets in an area consistently sought-after by property investors.

Imagine awaking to this scene from your pad on the 18th arrondissement, Paris

According to Airbnb, an apartment of this size on the 18th arrondissement would command a holiday rental of up to £150 per night through The Paris Plages season in summer. That’s not a bad return on your investment considering you can still easily achieve up to £100 per night during the winter months.

Paris is a one-off city. Completely unique, it never fails to surprise in the most delightful way and that’s why it remains the world’s most popular destination to visit year after year. If you can find an affordable entry point into Parisian real estate, you are guaranteed to be on to a winner.


Article by +Roxanne James on behalf of Propertyshowrooms.com

Source:: Property show rooms


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