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Canada’s quartet provides ‘major property investment potential’

Posted by: In: Real Estate 09 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal offer huge potential for international real estate investors and are set to grow larger, stronger and more dynamic over the next decade, says leading global consultant, JLL

Four Canadian cities are being tipped as having significant potential for international property investors and are set to secure their leadership roles on the world stage in five to ten years.

The Quartet Cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal offer major promise thanks to above average population growth, high global connectivity and liquid commercial real estate investment markets, says leading global real estate consultant, JLL, in its new report, The Canadian Quartet: Playing on the World Stage.

Brett Miller, President of JLL Canada, says, “The Quartet will offer significant opportunities for international investors as new waves of construction and of reinvestment in older stock help modernise these cities and as sustainable practices and new technologies are employed to make them smarter and greener.

“The shape and form of these cities is changing – whether by densification and the creation of a newly mixed-use core as in Calgary; a heavy focus on efficient and dense residential development in transit corridors as in Toronto; the impact of the green agenda on the built …read more

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