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Canary Islands to put cap on tourists?

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Lanzarote Photo: Son of Groucho

The Canary Islands could introduce a cap on the number of tourists visiting, according to its president. Fernando Clavijo, who was elected in May, has already voiced concerns that the luxury destinations could become the next Magaluf.

The major resort on Majorca has become synoynmous with boozy Britons heading abroad for loud holidays, the opposite to the reputation that the Canaries are hoping to maintain. Indeed, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are already very popular among tourists, with 13 million people visiting in 2014.

While tourism contributes a large chunk of GDP, as in many destinations across Spain, there is a tipping point at which a location can start to lose its classy image.

his first move could be to put a cap on the numbers visiting.

Clavijo, meanwhile, is more concerned abotu the islands’ culture and tradition, not to mention the 250,000 people (of the islands’ 2.1 million population) who are unemployed.

“We have to define our model. It must be capped at millions of tourists,” he told El Pais. “We have to set a limit that is respectful of our environment and that does not deteriorate and end up killing our added value, which is nature, space and quality we offer.”

He also voiced concerns about becoming “another Magaluf” to The Times.

“Lots of people come from Britain and what they need is a quality resort. We don’t want to attract 20 million tourists each year and then they do not have a good time. We may need to put limits.”

His comments follow a similar move from Barcelona, where the recently elected mayor has frozen any new licences for tourist accommodation.

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