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Catalonia “could separate in 5 years”

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Catalonia “could separate in 5 years”

Catalonia could separate from Spain in as little as five years, according to a Catalan speaker at OPPLive London

Jonathan Eshkeri, a leading Catalan property lawyer working in the UK, told OPP: “Until recently if someone asked me if Catalonia would go independent I would have said, ‘maybe in 100 years’. But now, from what I’m seeing, it could be five or ten years.”

Mr Eshkeri (right), with OPP Editorial Director John Howell

In a discussion in front of an industry audience at OPPLive London, Mr Eshkeri explained that the recent vote, declared illegal by the Madrid government but with 35% of the eligible electorate voting, had returned a huge majority (more than 80%) in favour of independence. Why? “Because they are a different people to the rest of Spain, they just are! Culturally and in their language.” Moreover, Mr Eshkeri added, they feel aggrieved about tax: “there is a strong feeling that they are not getting out what they have paid in.”

Mr Eshkeri believes that the hardline attitude of Madrid has won converts among the middle classes towards the separatist cause. Perhaps the million euro question is, if calls for independence are simply refused, could the campaign turn violent? No, said Mr Eshkeri, although there may have been incidental violence during demonstrations, the Catalans have absolutely committed to peaceful change. But, that is their strength: “This is a carefully planned political movement, exerting a lot of pressure on Madrid. In the end, they will have to let people vote [officially].”

Where else could be affected? M Eshkeri could not be drawn on where else in Spain might be next if Catalonia does separate, but pointed out regions such as Flanders in Belgium: “Where a place has a genuine reason to be independent culturally, and could sustain itself economically, then they have a good argument for independence.”

Mr Eshkeri can be found at www.solicitorsinspain.com

By Christopher Nye, Editor, OPP Magazine

Source: OPP


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