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Dubai’s Public Beaches among Best in World

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Dubai’s government has been pouring capital into its tourist sector ahead of hosting World Expo 2020, spending almost €50m to develop the Emirate’s public beaches as part of its investment drive.

As an endorsement of Dubai’s success, The Telegraph recently listed the Emirate’s public beaches among the most popular in the world along with beaches in Paris, Sydney, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Athens, Los Angeles and Cape Town.

Dubai ‘s public beaches are considered one of the most important landmarks in the Emirate and are visited by hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists throughout the year. Beaches from Al Mamzar Creek to Dubai Marina have been improved to provide first-class facilities, services and free internet access, scoring them high among the international beach resorts covered by the survey.

Alia Abdul Rahim Al Harmoudi, director of the environmental department of Dubai Municipality said: ” The effort and interest in improving the services in all the beaches has helped in the nomination of Dubai for the global accreditation “.

She added that the municipality is also working on strengthening the safety and rescue services in all the open beaches in the emirate and improving the quality of the coastal environment by launching educational campaigns on how to protect the environment and how to stay safe when visiting the Emirate’s beaches.

A good tourist infrastructure is vital when considering a property investment in a resort area and a strong government commitment to expand tourism further is a great growth opportunity.

Dubai’s hotel and hospitality sector has enjoyed significant growth since 2014, with many more large-scale luxury hotel projects in the pipeline over the next five years. Consequently, investment in Dubai hotel rooms is currently booming with the supply/demand dynamic spitting out high value opportunities for savvy buyers.

Britons are the third top investors in Dubai real estate, beaten only by Indians and Pakistanis. Statistics from the Dubai Land Department show there are around 19,000 Britons who have invested in the Emirate’s property so far, spending more than £1.6bn during 2014 alone.

Dubai’s tax-free status is one of the biggest attractions for property investors, with zero taxation on rental income and capital gains. Additionally, foreigners have been allowed to buy property with freehold rights since 2002 and mega-events such as 2020’s World Expo is enhancing the Emirate’s appeal to property investors even further.


Article by +Roxanne James on behalf of Propertyshowrooms.com

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