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Expo 2020 Dubai

Posted by: In: Real Estate 23 May 2018 Comments: 0 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Dubai’s property market is gearing up for Expo 2020, an event that is likely to bring around 25 million visitors to the city-state. Already dome 200 participants have signed up as exhibitors and keynote speakers from some of the biggest companies in the world. But it’s not just large international corporations the Dubai government and organisers of the business fair hope to attract. There will be an entire section devoted to SMEs.

Economic growth via technology start-ups and international investment is expected to turn Dubai’s fortunes around. The property market saw a decline after several years of robust performance. Residential prices fell sharply last year, and S&P Global ratings company reported in February this year that the Dubai property market would not pick up pace until 2020 and Expo. New residents, both permanent and temporary, economic activity and a huge influx of tourists are expected to catapult the city-state’s real estate market back to one of the hottest in the world.

The key areas Dubai Expo 2020 will address are opportunity for both individuals and communities, mobility for people, goods and ideas, and sustainability of future business projects.

At present, developers are having to accept lower prices, so this is a good time to buy ahead of Expo 2020, which is what first-time buyers and investors are doing at the moment, the latter with a view to cashing in on short-term and long-term rentals for luxury Dubai apartments. For more information about Dubai Expo 2020, please visit www.expodubai.com .

Article by Maria Thermann on behalf of Propertyshowrooms.com

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