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France has worst English in Europe

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The report reveals that adult English proficiency is strong in Europe, with 19 out of the world’s 22 most proficient countries located in the continent. Since 2007, the average proficency level has increased 3.59 points, with particular improvements highlighted in Poland, where proficiency has improved more than any other country’s in Europe.

Hungarian adults have also improved their English proficiency more than most Europeans, thanks to sweeping education reforms targeted at university system – they now require students to demonstrate adequate foreign language skills before receiving their degrees.

France, on the other hand, is “the weakest European Union country”. Despite being the UK’s neighbour, the country “appears to be making little effort to improve”, says EF, with “limited education reforms” and “few discenible results”.

“Improving the country’s English skills is not a subject of national debate. If anything, public debate is aroused only when it is proposed that English take on a small measure of official importance,” says the firm’s report.

Countries with lower adult proficiency than France include Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

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Source: The Movechannel


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