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GEM Subscribes to €1.48 Mn Capital Increase in Quabit

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26/11/2014 – Expansion

GEM Capital has committed to subscription and reimbursement to a €1.48 million capital hike forged by Quabit.

This is the tenth capital injection carried out by GEM (Global Emerging Markets). In the upcoming transaction, 19.48 million new shares of Quabit at a par value of 0.01 euros each and a premium of 0.0664 euros will be allocated on the market.

Last October 31st, Quabit ran an equity line agreed on in a contract signed with GEM in May 2013. In line with its terms and conditions, the company has got a right, but is not obliged, to demand from GEM one or several subscriptions to social capital hikes for a maximum amount of €90 million during a three-year period of time.

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