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Infographic: The most expensive homes in the world

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When it comes to expensive abodes, it is hard to compete with Britain’s own Royal Family. Buckingham Palace is valued at $1.55 billion. There are quite a few, though, that come surprisingly close.

Number one in the list of contenders is, unsurprisingly, the infamous Antilia. Located in Mumbai, the world’s most expensive home spans a massive 27 storeys and, at 570 feet tall, is the equivalent of 40. It cost an estimated $1 billion to build for Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man.

King Leopold is the only one to come close to that price tag: his Old home on France’s Cote D’Azure was once featured in Hithcock’s To Catch a Thief. The cost? A cool $750 million.

“Our infographic of the world’s most expensive houses compares the home values against the British Royal’s residence,” explains Comparecomp. “Interestingly, the palace is not the most ornate or opulent among palaces; Saudi royals and sheiks are known to live more lavishly, beating their European counterparts. But property value is not just about what the house is, but who lives in it. The Queen of England lends to the palace a value higher than the structure’s worth.”

Here are the most expensive homes in the world:

UK, Celebrity Homes, Old home

Source: The Movechannel


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