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International agent claims first ‘fully responsive’ site

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International agent claims first ‘fully responsive' site

Property Showrooms have launched a new website and portal that they claim is among the first in the industry to be fully “responsive”, leading the industry away from app-based mobile solutions.

Launched at the weekend, www.propertyshowrooms.com automatically resizes itself according to the screen on which it is being used, whether laptop, tablet or smartphone. “We have designed a set of styles that are must-haves across all screen sizes, which then adapt and enhance depending on the browsers’ capabilities,” said Property Showroom’s marketing executive Sophie Elliott, “This allows us to focus on one single unique user experience without the problems associated with a ‘mobile version’ of the site, which is often clunky and not very user-friendly.”

After nine months planning the revamp, the 12-year-old company believes it has solved problems associated with traditional mobile websites: “Because property portals tend to have big clunky databases, there’s a huge amount of work and technical expertise that goes into making an entire device-responsive portal, which is why many portals don’t have responsive sites with this level of functionality,” says Ms Elliott.

Oisin Mac Giolla Chuda, GM for Propertyshowrooms.com says that “instead of creating a feature-full site that displays well on large desktops and then removes or hides functionality as the user’s screen shrinks to mobile, a responsive design starts with what looks good small and works its way up. From there, the design team progressively enhances the interface to create the polished high-definition desktop experience.”

The website is also rare in offering material for both other industry professionals and everyday home-hunters. The industry (B2B) angle is called Sell Smart: “Our aim for this campaign is to resonate with those agents, developers and private sellers who want to understand how they can better utilise these channels to benefit them,” says Oisin.

by Christopher Nye, Editor, OPP Magazine

Source: OPP


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