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Investing in European Real Estate

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You’ll find many articles about foreigners investing in U.S. real estate but what about Americans investing in foreign real estate? Besting NYC, London is now ranked the number one investment city in the world by many experts including the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE). Although the U.K. does rate number three among the best countries for real estate investing, Germany takes second place behind the U.S. on the global scale.

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The European market is different from our own market. During the recession, the European debt crisis was more severe than ours and took substantially longer to recover. The result has been little recovery in the real estate markets until recently. Investors looking for the best risk-reward opportunities should take a look at European real estate.

What to Expect From the European Real Estate Market

As a whole, European real estate transactions are on the increase.

  • The European debt crisis is no longer causing the real estate market to decline.
  • Experts expect all European real estate to be attractive to international investors for the remainder of 2014.
  • Most European countries expect to see an increase in the supply of real estate during 2014.
  • Commercial mortgages backed …read more

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