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Investing in Real Estate – With Risk Comes Reward

Posted by: In: Real Estate 26 Mar 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,
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With limited knowledge that the real estate market has tanked over the last several years, you might be hesitant to pull the trigger to make what should be an excellent investment today. With some fortitude and patience, today is likely the best opportunity you’ll have in your lifetime to make a hefty profit from a real estate investment. Generally, your options are to either rent out your investment or flip it. This article focuses on flipping properties.

Consider Your Risks

Adjustable rate mortgages were a huge problem in the real estate melt down a few years ago. Still, today some investors are going back to adjustable mortgages as a less expensive source of finances for flipping properties. Adjustable rate mortgages are being advertised as low as 2.6%. However, the national average for adjustable mortgages is hovering around 4.2% at this time. There are two general categories of adjustable mortgages. Each comes with its own risk and reward. Each adjustable mortgage is attached to a third party index that determines the current interest rate. Also, each adjustable mortgage has a margin above the index that must also be paid.

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One general category is tied to an index that moves slowly, …read more

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