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Is Kim Kardashian buying Turtle Island?

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Photo: Coldwell Banker (via Yahoo!)

Kim Kardashian West has become the flavour of the year in tabloid circles, with barely a day passing without a fresh mention of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. While the show may have been a long time ago, the recently-hitched Mrs. Kardashian West continues to blur the notion of reality of fantasy with the news that she is eyeing up her own private island – the dream of almost all house-hunters around the world.

The 9.4-hectare island in question is Australia’s Turtle Island, which Kim would reportedly use to hosue a theme park for her daughter. And rename it Isle Kardashian, naturally.

Are the rumours true? The island has certainly been on the market for some time, with an asking price of $5 million, down from $5.7 million earlier this year – not too much of a stretch for the most famous Kardashian.

New Idea magazine reports that theme park would hypothetically include a water slide and ferris wheel to entertain Kim’s 17-month-old daughter. The rest of the island, meanwhile, would include a 660-square-metre home, complete with four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Yahoo! checked with Richard Vanhoff of Coldwell Banker, the agent responsible for the sale of the island. He confirmed that they were in negotiations with someone, but would not reveal their indentity – although the buyer in question reportedly visited the island last week, which would fit in with Kim Kardashian West’s visit to promote her perfume.

Asked for specific names and details, he commented: “I can’t talk to you about any of that.”

Is Kim Kardashian buying Turtle Island? File under “quite possibly”.

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Source: The Movechannel


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