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Man builds LEGO dividing wall

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All photos; NPIRE (via Inhabitat)

German creative studio NPIRE had a simple problem: too much stuff and not enough space to store it. They came up with a simple solution: build a wall out of LEGO.

The idea, thought up by employee Gilg, was promptly embraced by the company, who clubbed together to assemble the colourful structure, which would divide their office into separate areas but also allow them to dismantle it without trace or damaging their rented property.

“I had the only right and most obvious thought,” says Gilg. “‘We need a Lego wall to be able to hide all the empty containers and the garbage behind them.'”

The final project took 55,000 LEGO bricks and a little more than a year to complete. The staff used their own LEGO for the 3 metre-wide construction, which weighs approximately 80 kilos and reaches a grand height of 2.8 metres, but also bought 80 packs of new bricks to top up their supply.

The final cost? €2,500. Having a LEGO wall in your office? Priceless.

Germany, Weird World

Source: The Movechannel


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