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Maximise your FOREX advantage with Excel Currencies

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Property investment in 2015 has a slightly different complexion to previous years, which is witnessed mostly at the high end. There is a new liquidity in real estate markets that reflect the considerable volatility seen in FOREX markets this year.

Buyers from Russia, are safekeeping their capital from a fallen rouble in Central London’s prime property markets. British buyers are looking to the Eurozone for improved value against sterling. The US Dollar investors are enjoying an international free rein with the greenback currently riding high as the world’s strongest currency.

Naturally, it follows that when making a real estate purchase in another currency, the exchange rate you achieve can have a significant effect on the property’s value and also its yield potential. For that reason, it’s always best for investors to align themselves with FOREX professionals when it comes to currency conversions towards a property purchase.

Excel Currencies are a world-leading provider of foreign exchange and have been offering preferential FX rates for all currency conversions (particularly to property investors) for many years. Excel’s clients range from individuals to large corporations and their FX rates remain some of the most competitive across the board.

Customer service is crucial when you are dealing with large sums of money in various currencies and Excel take it very seriously. Managing Director Karl Daly says; ” Excel Currencies strive to provide the best level of customer service and guaranteed unbeatable exchange rates. These coupled with our up-to-the-minute market analysis enables us to maximise our clients’ return for their money “.

Excel Currencies guarantee to give you a better exchange rate than your bank, passing on savings to you of around 5%, which on a transaction of £100,000 is a significant reduction of £5,000! Excel obtain the best FX rates because they use a panel of currency providers rather than relying on one source, as many other foreign exchange providers do.

No commissions or fees of any kind

They also charge no commissions or fees of any kind, which makes a big difference to how much you gain from a currency conversion. Excel makes its money from the spread (the difference between the rate they quote and the interbank rate) and so maximum savings are always passed on to you.

If you know you are completing on a property purchase in a different currency, you can fix the exchange rate for a future date with Excel. Their ‘forward contract’ product allows you to fix a rate today with a 10% deposit, for any date up to 2 years in the future. Perhaps you need to pay a deposit and settle the balance on completion in three months’ time? You can fix the rate for both transactions at the same time if the rate is to your advantage.

Buying a property in any currency can be complicated and expensive. That’s when you need someone inside FOREX markets to make sure you always get the very best FX rates. Excel Currencies have more than 35 years combined experience of specialising in foreign exchange. Plus, they consistently deliver unbeatable exchange rates for property buyers in all countries around the world.

When buying or selling currency with Excel, your funds are held in one of a number of pooled client trust bank accounts that fully comply with FCA regulations. You are secure in the knowledge that funds can be only used to fulfil your contractual obligations and not for any other purposes, which is a bonus.


Article by +Roxanne James on behalf of Propertyshowrooms.com

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