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Monthly unique browsers on Juwai.com almost double in a year

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The majority of affluent Chinese real estate buyers use the internet

The Chinese overseas property website now attracts an average 2.7 million unique browsers a month and is set to see more during the holiday period when families often travel abroad

Leading Chinese overseas property website Juwai.com has seen its total of monthly unique browsers almost double in a year – and interest could rise further in the holiday period and beyond.

The growing site has attracted an average of 2.7 million unique browsers per month so far in 2014, while the figure stood at around 1.5million a year ago.

Its popularity has been reflected in benefits to Western advertisers, who have seen a 30% monthly rise in page views – and expect more in and around the Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays, says Juwai.com.

As so many Chinese travel overseas during the holidays, Juwai.com expects traffic to increase further in the second half of December and through February 2015.

Andrew Taylor, Co-CEO of Juwai.com, tells OPP Connect, “The global brands who have been on Juwai for some time are reaping the benefits of their brand power there – with growth in page views that is faster than the site’s overall growth to 2.7 million unique browsers per month so far in 2014.”

Although many real estate agents plan their own holidays around the Christmas period, for many Chinese it is a prime property-hunting period. Those with children and family studying overseas often use the holiday to visit while the students have time off.

Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival Golden Week is a week-long public holiday in China, known as a “Golden Week”. It is the busiest period for travel in the country, and for Chinese going overseas. China luxury sector website, Jing Daily, is already predicting higher travel numbers in the February 2015 holiday than a year earlier.

Mr Taylor says, “On past Golden Week holidays, usage of our smartphone app and our mobile website soared by 66%. In February 2015, we don’t expect to surpass that increase, but only because more of our traffic throughout the year has already migrated to mobile devices.

“We know that Chinese tourism and education are both highly correlated with property purchases in North American, European and other markets. Where they travel, they buy.”

And the trend looks set to continue for the future, as more wealthy Chinese aim to put their money into foreign real estate.

“A recent Barclay’s report reveals that 47% of China’s millionaires are looking to invest overseas opportunities within the next five years, while only one third already own overseas real estate. That leaves nearly one fifth of millionaires as interested buyers about to make their first investment.”

China is now the world’s largest source of outbound tourists, and the world’s biggest spender on international tourism. Last year, 98 million Chinese travelled abroad, up 18% over the year before. Spending reached US$129 billion, up 27% on a year earlier.

Juwai.com recently won the most influential international property site in China – 2014 award at the China Electronic Commerce Association’s annual conference.

According to the latest data from digital traffic specialist, Alexa.com, Juwai.com is in the top 7,000 websites in the world and the top 700 in Japan.

By Adrian Bishop, Editor, OPP Connect
Twitter: @opp_connect

Source: OPP


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