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Nest Labs’ Smart Smoke Detector Goes Up In Smoke

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Nest Labs, the creator of the Learning Thermostat, has issued an advisory informing users of the Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm that there’s a crucial flaw in the device’s flagship feature.

photo credit: Jessica Whittle Photography via photopin cc

According to Nest CEO Tony Fadell, the company routinely conducts testing on its devices and has just found out that the Nest Wave, a feature which allows users to disable the alarm just by waving their hands if the device sounds, can be accidentally triggered – something that could accidentally delay the alarm from going off in the event of a real fire.

Though there hasn’t been any reports of users experiencing the flaw first-hand, Nest took preemptive action and notified its customers just in case it does happen later. Any failures of Nest’s smoke detector alarm in a real fire would obviously be an unmitigated PR diaster for the firm, and especially now that it’s been acquired by Google.

Fadell stated that it the Nest team is already working to fix the flaw, but said it could take two to three months before Nest Wave gets approval to be turned on again.

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