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Open house events can open up theft danger, agent warns

Posted by: In: Real Estate 28 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

Agents in and around London are holding US-style open house events in a bid to make more sales, but sellers should be aware of the risk of thieves striking, says an online agent

With the UK seeing more North American-style open house events, one agent is warning sellers of the risk of thieves striking.

Open house events can generate strong interest and asking prices above the asking price and while most buyers will be genuine, there are security dangers that sellers need to be aware of, says Russell Bennett, co-founder of online agent, www.Houses.co.uk.

With house prices surging and large numbers of buyers competing for each property, open house viewings are becoming increasingly common, particularly in London and parts of the South-East where such events sometimes attract 150-or-so hopeful buyers.

“There are obvious security risks when you’re opening your home to a load of strangers. If a large number of people turn up, a thief could easily sneak into one of your rooms and steal something or they could use it as an opportunity to check out the security of your property and find out when it’s unoccupied,” warns Mr Bennett.

“You should therefore always have at least two people conducting the viewing …read more

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