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Business Development Strategies

We offer a variety of strategic services to improve company and individual performance.

International Sales Networks

One of the biggest challenges of exporting is creating a sales network to market your product overseas.

Real Estate Investment and Funding

Real estate investment opportunities, investment project sourcing in real estate assets, refinancing, debt and equity funding

Sales management structures

Depending on your use of marketing and sales as complementary or subordinate functions, you can create a management structure that ensures no important duties fall through the cracks.

NEWS: Moody's has raised its outlook for Spain


Financial Restructuring, Debt and Equity (re)capitalization

We provide value-oriented investors, they will invest in situations that may be overlooked by others, including in companies suffering from capital markets dislocation, financial distress, complexity or negative market sentiment. To secure the best investments, our funding partner take a flexible approach to sourcing and structuring investments, and will be involved in multifaceted transactions (including investments through the bankruptcy process).
International Sales Networks for the Real Estate Sector

We maintain a worldwide sales network of more than 100 active Estate Agencies in order to provide our Real Estate customers fast and competent advice. Increasing gross and net sales revenue by identifying more potential sales opportunities and closing a higher percentage of them. Eliminating many fixed costs related to salaries and benefits for sales administration and most sales travel-related expenditures.
Business Development Strategies

Get more qualified leads
Develop long-term customer relationships
Target the best customers and markets
Produce winning proposals and presentations
Create effective marketing communications
Secure profitable contracts
Increase profits
Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Distressed property sales
Bank Repossessions & Foreclosures
Properties from Bankruptcy Administration
Residential and Commercial Investment
Most buyers are looking for an investment opportunity in Spain, now is a great time to buy. Significant price reduction, distressed sales, motivated sellers and threat of repossession / foreclosure by the bank, means that there are bargains in the current market in Spain!
Franchise Expansion for the Real Estate Sector

We help your franchise businesses to expand, providing a range of solutions to assist them in this exciting step.

Los inquilinos en España dedican entre un 30% y un 40% de sus ingresos a pagar el alquiler de una vivienda, según se desprende del ‘VII Perfil del Inquilino en España’, estudio realizado por Alquiler Seguro. En concreto, casi el 35% de los encuestados afirma dedicar este porcentaje al pago de la renta del alquiler. Mientras que un 29% dedica casi la mitad de su sueldo a pagar el alquiler. Y un 19,6% entre un 20% y un 30% de sus ingresos. En general, el perfil del inquilino suele ser el de un hombre de unos treinta años, con nacionalidad española, soltero, con contrato indefinido y con un sueldo medio de unos 1.100 euros al mes. Sin embargo, en casi un 40% de los casos, el número de inquilinos por contrato de arrendamiento es de dos. Tan solo en un 20,6% de los casos el número de arrendadores por contrato es uno. Además, si se tienen en cuenta los datos laborales y financieros, pese a que de forma mayoritaria los inquilinos tienen contrato indefinido, un 20,8% de los encuestados es autónomo y un 16,1% tiene un contrato de circunstancia de producción. La mayoría buscan su piso de alquiler por internet […]

23 April 2018 – La Vanguardia Last year, Spain led the sale of defaulted mortgage portfolios in Europe, with the sale of loans with a nominal value of €50.758 billion (of the €104.0 billion that were sold in Europe in total), according to a study on problematic real estate debt compiled by the consultancy firm Evercore. In 2017, Santander, with the sale of Popular’s property to Blackstone for €30 billion, and BBVA, with the sale of a portfolio worth €13 billion to Cerberus, were ranked amongst the top five vendors in Europe. “It is likely that we will be leaders in the sale of foreclosed properties and defaulted mortgages again this year and next”, says Íñigo Laspiur, Director of Corporate Finance at the consultancy firm CBRE. “At the moment, portfolios worth more than €8 billion are up for sale in the market”. During the first few years of the financial crisis, it was entities in Ireland and the United Kingdom that led the sale of foreclosed real estate assets in Europe, but now the Spanish and Italian banks have taken over the baton (the latter led the ranking for the first quarter of this year). “Regulation by the ECB, which […]

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