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Positive Outlook for UK Property Rental Market

Posted by: In: Real Estate 22 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

The latest Home Let Rental Index published in March 2014 by the Barbon Insurance Group paints a very appealing picture of the UK Buy to Let (BTL) investment market with projections of significant growth in the sector in 2014.

Martin Totty, Barbon’s CEO states in the report that “We’re seeing an increase in the number of people who are opting to rent as their preferred choice of living. The private rented sector offers many advantages to tenants – whether they’re students, professionals or families looking for a long-term home.”

A distinct north-south divide emerges in the report with the most tenants living in the south where the rents are the highest in the country. In the north however, rents are rising at a faster rate although tenants pay proportionately less of their income on rent than tenants in the south.

In the One of the most surprising facts is that the number of tenants renting from private landlords – which stands at 4 million – has exceeded those renting from housing associations and local councils for the first time ever.

It would appear that despite the introduction of the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ Scheme, people are still finding themselves unable …read more

Source: IPIN Live



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