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Types of Projects That Can Be Funded
- Project Financing, whether start up or Existing Project
- Asset Based funding
- Bridge Financing (Various type)
- Communications
- Cultural Industry Related (Shows and Plays)
- Distributions
- Electronic Components-Instrumentations
- Energy (Various Types)
- Financial Services
- Hotels Motels, Resorts
- Leverage Buy Out
- Manufacturing (Various type)
- Medical / Health
- Movie Picture Financing
- Publishing (Various type)
- Real Estate Projects (Various)
- Research and Development Equity Funding
- Retail (Various type)
- Mines, Mining (various types)
- Seed Capital
- Technology (Various types)
- Waste Management
- OthersIndustrial and Manufacturing Plant, Existing or Start Up.
How to Submit a Project Requiring Funding
Step 1

The client/introducer e-mails an Executive Summary (Max. 7 pages) to TZUKAN Consulting which should include the "Core Elements" of the transaction: a) Detailed identification of the client, Note: The client has to be a corporation; b) The capital share of distribution (identification of the shareholders); c) Nature and description of the project; d) Cost of the project; e) Amount of funding required; and f) Any and all other information that may be pertinent to the transaction.We will normally require about 3 days to analyze the information received; If we, for whatever reason, do not wish to go forward with the project, we will then immediately inform the client of our decision.On the other hand, if we do wish to go on with the transaction, then we will ask for a complete Business Plan, together with any additional information deemed necessary.
Step 2

TZUKAN Consulting will review the Business Plan/ documentation received and generally get back in touch with the client within 5 to 7 days.If we do not like what we see, then the transaction is declined.
Step 3

On the other hand, if we approve of the transaction, we will arrange a meeting with the client at our funding partner's European headquarters in London– the goal of the meeting would be to discuss the parameters of any given transaction, and of course discuss the details of the project.
Step 4

If the meeting in London is positive, a Formal Proposal is issued to the client, normally within 3 to 5 days further to the meeting.
Step 5

If the client accepts the Proposal, then the Due Diligence procedures are engaged, which includes a Site Visit to the project. (If applicable)
Step 6

If the Due Diligence comes out "Positive," the transaction is finalized, normally within 60 working days.