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Property investors should ‘ignore hype and be realistic’

Posted by: In: Real Estate 22 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

Foreign real estate investors should stop being excited by market hype, carry out in-depth research and take expert advice, John Howell urges in a TV interview for Channel NewsAsia, ahead of today (Wed’s) OPPLive Asia trade show in Singapore

Overseas property investors should not let hype over rising property markets around the world prevent them from looking realistically at their options and taking professional advice.

That’s the view of OPP Group Editorial Director, John Howell who has been interviewed by Channel NewsAsia TV ahead of the opening of OPPLive Asia overseas property trade show, at the Marina Bay Sands Resort, in Singapore, on Wednesday 23 April.

Mr Howell has told Real Deal presenter Annalisa Burgos that foreign real estate investors need to take great care, “It is very easy to get so excited about all the hype and the prospect of profit that you lose sense of reality and I think the reality check is your starting point.

“Look up these countries on the corruption index, if they are way down there at 80,90,100 on that index, do you want to do business there. And think about the language issues, think about the currencies, absolutely no point investing money in a currency that is …read more

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