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Realtors Have To Give A Dose Of Therapy, Too

Posted by: In: Real Estate 30 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

Real estate is an emotional business, and home buyers can allow their feelings to interfere with the decision-making process, reports the New York Observor.

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“As a practitioner, you sometimes need to be the therapist or sounding board for what is happening elsewhere in a client’s life,” says Mickey Conlon of CORE Real Estate in New York City. “The key to success for agents and buyers lies in staying focused. That’s the reason why some agents are more successful and why, occasionally, buyers lose out on a property they should have bought.”

Jessica Cohen of Douglas Elliman says buyers can arrive at a property frustrated with the lack of a parking space or some other occurrence, which prevents them from truly seeing that a home meets their needs.

“This means it’s very important to be able to read their moods and give them space on a viewing if they need it,” she says.

A realtor.com study shows that 69 percent of users had a “home crush,” despite the fact that the targeted property did not meet their needs.

“Emotional niggles can be mended, whereas one bedroom too few or a brick wall view through a window …read more

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