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Rent one flat get one dog free

Posted by: In: Real Estate 04 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

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Renting a flat can be a lonely existence, espeically if your landlord does not permit pets. In Washington’s 2M, though, that will not be a problem: tenants will get a dog for free when they sign the contract.

Emmy, a six-month-old miniature bulldog, will become the apartment block’s newest resident next month. The dog, named after the building’s brand, will be available for tenants to take for walks or simply hang out in their apartment – think a library book, but with legs and a tail.

Speaking to The Washington Post, the company says that she may well be the first communal dog.

“I was sitting at a cafe one day, and we saw a puppy come in and everyone just stopped in their tracks and came alive,” Holli Beckman, a vice president at the property’s owners, William C. Smith & Co, told the Post. “And it just dawned on me that everyone loves doggies and babies, right?”

Indeed, the world’s restaurant industry has been caught up in something of a communal animal craze ever since a cat cafe in Japan – where in-house cats are provided for customers to pet – generated media headlines.

Emmy lives in a doghouse …read more

Source: The Movechannel



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