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Rent one house, get one shark free

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Photo: Scott Fraser

Rent one house, get one shark free. It might sound like a joke, but that is exactly what one letting estate agent is hoping will attract a tenant when it comes to Headington’s New High Street. One the street sits a humble three-bedroom property, with everything a family could wish for: a living room, an open plan kitchen, a shower room… and a shark in the roof.

The shark in question is the “Headington Shark” and has become something of a local landmark. The fibreglass killer fish spans an impressive 7.5 metres and has been sticking out of the top of the property for almost thirty years. How did it get there?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the aftermath of a freak Sharknado. Rather, the homeowner in 1986 (one Bill Heine) decided to install it on the 41st anniversary of the fall of the atomic bomb on Nagaski. “The shark apparently depicted how even suburban quietism was at threat from atomic holocaust,” suggested the Guardian in 2007, when the council attempted to remove the sculpture.

“It is saying something about CND, nuclear power, Chernobyl and Nagasaki,” said Heine.

Others, of course, will just see a 25-foot fibreglass shark.

“You quickly get used to people taking photographs outside and it does not really affect living there,” says one previous tenant in the estate agent’s promotional material. “On the rare occasions that we are asked about the shark the people have always been very polite and genuinely interested in the story.”

How much does it cost to live under a giant, symbolic fish? The weight of sybolism hangs heavy, it appears, as the asking rent is £2,250 a month, or £519 a week, far higher than Zoopla’s average figure for the area of £335 a week, or £1,451. (A tip to home improvers: stick a shark in your roof and you can boost your house price by at least £800.)

Forget the boat, you will certainly need a bigger wallet.

The home is, says Scott Fraser, “suitable for a family who are passionate about being involved with the local community and who will enjoy not only living in but living with the famous Headington shark”.

The listing adds: “Sorry no pets.”

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Source: The Movechannel


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