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Renting property ‘a safer option’ for UK expats

Posted by: In: Real Estate 07 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

Brits wanting to move overseas, may find renting rather than selling their UK property is a more secure option – and they should also be aware of the effect of exchange rate fluctuations, says overseas property journalist, Richard Way

For many UK expats wanting to move abroad, renting out their property could be a safer option than selling up, advises a market expert.

Renting provides a steady income and means that expats still have the security of owning a property in the county, if they suddenly need to return, especially in the case of older people, says Richard Way, Editor of the Overseas Guides Company (www.overseasguidescompany.com.)

“Conditions in 2014 mean investing in a UK buy-to-let could be the safest way for Brits retiring abroad to keep hold of a sterling-based asset and boost their monthly income.

“It’s not only Osborne’s changes to the pension rules that could encourage more pensioners to invest in a rental property with their pension pot – as opposed to buying an annuity, or other investment before moving abroad. Later this month, a hike in rental demand in the UK is expected, when new regulations governing the granting of mortgages are introduced.”

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