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Russian political troubles ‘boost overseas property demand’

Posted by: In: Real Estate 25 Mar 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

Real estate exhibitors have fully booked overseas property shows in Moscow and St Petersburg and investors are acting with more urgency, says exhibition company chief, Kim Waddoup

Far from quashing interest in overseas property, Russia’s political troubles have boosted demand and two leading shows in April are fully booked by exhibitors, say organisers.

The political crisis over the Ukraine is persuading foreign property buyers in Russia to approach their investments with more seriousness and urgency, says Kim Waddoup, head of the aiGroup Russian-based exhibition company.

It is ‘business as usual for both the St. Petersburg International Real Estate Show, from 4-5 April and The Moscow International Property Show, on 11-12 April, which has a waiting list of companies wishing to exhibit.

Mr Waddoup tells OPP Connect, “We have had no cancellations and are fully booked. The political unrest and media hype are having little effect on the market and it is very much business as usual.

“Demand from exhibitors continues to be higher than our availability and for the Moscow International Property Show we have a waiting list of 35 companies.”

Most of exhibitors specialise in the Russian market and have a better understanding of the current situation, says the aiGroup Chief Executive Officer.

“The situation has …read more

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