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TheMoveChannel.com announces launch of new house moving service

Posted by: In: Real Estate 01 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

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“Relocating overseas can be a stressful experience, surrounded by strangers and finding your way around an unfamiliar home,” explains a spokesperson for the site. “Now, TheMoveChannel.com’s Move Home will change all that. Rather than spend weeks trying to find a property abroad that reminds them of home, we will let expats take a piece of home overseas with them. Literally.”

TheMoveChannel.com has teamed up with a removals firm to achieve the impossible, helping Britons to literally move home, one brick at a time.

Those looking to join the scheme can register their interest with the portal, who will then appraise their home’s suitability for relocation. If successful, a fleet of TheMoveChannel.com-branded trucks, boats and helicopters will disassemble the property and transport the parts to their chosen location, before putting it back together.

The website has spent millions on its new initiative, which it thinks will be the new craze among all international property portals.

“With more than 800,000 listings of property for sale around the world. we have always been a market leader in helping people to move home,” adds TheMoveChannel.com’s spokesperson. “Now, we are taking that one step further with Move Home, an innovative service that is simply too …read more

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