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Tom Cruise lists $59m home

Posted by: In: Real Estate 04 Nov 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Tom Cruise, who was last seen hanging off the side of a plane at 250mph filming Mission: Impossible 5, has not forgotten the ground beneath his feet. In fact, he is selling it, all 298 acres, along with his home. The estate, located in Telluride, Colorado, boasts four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym and a library – plus, away from the main house, a second guest home with three bedrooms and baths.

Despite spending “several years designing and constructing the native stone and cedar home”, according to the Wall Street Journal, Cruise does not spent much time there any more. The asking price for the whole property? $59 million. Which is probably close the insurance premium the star pays to cover his airplane antics.

Here is a photo of that too:

USA, Celebrity Homes

Source: The Movechannel


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