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Top 10 buildings that look like eggs

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1. National Centre for the Performing Arts – Beijing, China

Photo: Stuck in Customs

The National Centre for the Performing Arts is home to the opera and other arts in the capital of China. Designed by Paul Andreu, the striking dome – made of titanium and glass and submerged in an artificial lake – was opened in 2007 after six years of work. It’s a striking contrast to the older buildings around it; a colourful sign of new architectural life. It’s only fitting, then, that it’s informal nickname is The Giant Egg. And that’s no yolk.

2. Salvador Dali Museum – Figueres, Spain

Photo: Zoer

The Salvador Dali Museum may not appear egg-shaped at first glance, but a quick glance upwards reveals the artist’s apparent obsession with the ovum: they are laid all over the ceiling and outer walls. Designed by Dali himself, who leaned towards eggs as a symbol of hope and love, their inclusion is an essential part of the building – the largest piece of surrealist creation in history. A real eggstravaganza.

3. Mobile home – Beijing, China

Photo: Wodumedia

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