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Trick, but no treat: Halloween’s energy bill hike

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UK customers on the 12 fixed energy tariffs are likely to face a trick with no treat this Halloween, as the deals will come to an end. This could result in an average annual bill increase of 10 per cent – or £104 – for consumers who haven’t taken action and shopped around for a new energy tariff.

Suppliers with tariffs expiring at the end of the month are: British Gas, Npower, Sainsbury’s Energy and iSupplyEnergy. Eight of the 12 are from just one supplier: ScottishPower.

Those who are currently on Npower’s Online Price Fix October 2014, and live in Yorkshire, could see the largest average bill increase of £205.01, or 20.67 per cent, says Gocompare.

Some households in southern Scotland, who are customers of ScottishPower and on the supplier’s Platinum Fixed Energy November 2014 NSC (No Standing Charge) tariff, could actually see their annual bill decrease by £8.97 when their fixed deal ends. However, across the UK, consumers on this tariff will still be in for an average increase of £20.07, so no one should simply allow themselves to be rolled onto ScottishPower’s standard tariff, argues the price comparison site, as they may be able to save more by shopping around and switching.

Jeremy Cryer, energy spokesperson at Gocompare.com, says: “Ten of the dozen tariffs that are due to come to an end on 31 October come from ‘big six’ suppliers, so it’s fair to assume that many households could be affected. And with average bill hikes of well above £100 imminent, it’s time for people on these tariffs to shop around for a better deal, if they haven’t done so already.

“With summer behind us and darker, colder months looming, we’re entering into the peak energy use time of year, so it’s important that householders review their tariffs and compare the other deals available to ensure they’re on a competitive tariff that’s suitable for their needs.”

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