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Trulia plays spooky Halloween trick on US housebuyers

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Trulia plays spooky Halloween trick on US housebuyers

The popular real estate website rigs up an Open Haunted House with ghoulish surprises that leaves buyers well and Trulia spooked!

It was definitely a case of trick rather than treat for United States buyers who came to look round a house that had been set up as a Halloween prank.

Sometimes, property prices can scare away buyers, but in this case it was the Trulia Haunted Open House that left them terrified, as it was filled with spooky surprises.

In the spirit of the season, Trulia played a prank on unsuspecting home seekers in the 2,300 square foot property, which was rigged up with all kinds of spooky surprises – and it videoed their reactions.

“If you’ve ever hit the open house circuit, then you’ve probably toured a home or two that seemed a tad on the… creepy side. As unsettling as that may have been, nothing compares to the frights that we stocked the Trulia Haunted Open House with.”

Screaming buyers were captured as they were scared silly by books mysteriously falling from shelves, a spooky sewing machine working by itself, demonised dolls and a hidden, ghoulish Grandma that leapt out of bed. The video ended with the slogan: Trulia – home searching so easy it’s kinda scary.

Trulia has also produced extra Halloween content on its website, including some ghoulish real estate statistics from a survey of 2,005 adults.

Most house hunters (59%) say a former crime scene would scare them off from buying a property with slightly less (52%) saying they would be frightened off by living near a highway and 46% in a dirty or cluttered home. A death in the home spooked just 32%.

More than half (54%) of those surveyed said living near a graveyard would not kill the deal on an otherwise perfect property.

House buyers are almost as horrified by bad wallpaper (12%) as they are by living at a hellish address that includes 666 (13%) and 9% say they would consider selling their soul for more square footage.

By Adrian Bishop, Editor, OPP Connect
Twitter: @opp_connect

Source: OPP


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