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TV show seeks expats on the edge

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TV show seeks expats on the edge

A brand new TV show is looking for British or Irish people who have moved abroad, but to the remotest regions of the world. They will feature in a new Channel 4, Escape to the Wild, fronted by Kevin McCloud.

The TV channel behind a string of overseas property shows, the UK’s Channel 4, is looking for British and Irish families who have gone that step further than most. It wants people who have left the UK and gone to live in homes “off-grid”, very far from the madding crowd.

Casting producer Cheryl Jackson told OPP about the kind of lifestyle they are interested in portraying: “Lots of people feel that the UK is too built up, too overpopulated and it can be hard to get planning permission to build eco homes. Others have gone away just for better weather, or for worse weather, if they want deep snow.”

As anyone who has ever shown prospective purchasers around rural property knows, many house-hunters profess to want the rural lifestyle but soon chicken out when they see it. For this series, Channel is only interested in the real extremes: “We want people who can walk for miles in any direction without meeting anyone, who are disconnected from electricity, anyone anywhere trying to live by growing their own crops, raise their own livestock, maybe they forage, hunt or fish, maybe they are home-schooling the kids, or have built own property using natural materials.”

Kevin McCloud

Given that these people are off the grid, the producers, Optomen, are hoping that maybe overseas estate agents can help locate them. They can be individuals, couples or families, and they will be visited by Kevin McCould (right), the popular presenter of the same channel’s Grand Designs show. It will be called Escape to the Wild and be aired in four hour-long episodes in early 2015. Most Channel 4 programmes are later picked up and shown on overseas channels too.

Cheryl Jackson said: “So far we have people in the Caribbean, South America, the South Pacific, but we would love more people from colder climates: Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern European, Canada…”

Cheryl can be contacted at [email protected] or at +44 203 227 5984

By Christopher Nye, Editor, OPP Magazine

Source: OPP


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