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UK construction faces “major skills crisis”

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The research reveals that 20 per cent more workers are now required to meet the pipeline of around £96 billion of construction projects in 2014-17. As a result, the London and South East is facing a “major skills crisis”.

This could impact the wider economy as early as April 2015, forecasts the report (called ‘Skills to build’), when a total of over 600,000 workers will be needed on site to deliver major projects currently in planning//

A 51 per cent increase in training provision would be required to meet demand for skilled labour between 2014 and 2017 to plug a gap of nearly 15,000 people.

Unless the supply of construction labour is increased, house building targets will not be met and the delivery of large infrastructure projects will be jeopardised. With 255,000 workers needed on site to deliver the 2015 pipeline of housing and 400,000 of the workforce expected to retire in the next 5-10 years, change to the industry has never been more pertinent.

Indeed, this week Persimmon announced that it is training ex-military personnel to boost its shortfall of workers. The government, meanwhile, is calling for an increase in recruitment for young British apprentices.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis, together with Skills Minister Nick Boles and the Home Builders Federation, will host a top-level summit with leading housebuilders at the Olympic Park, Wednesday, 5 November, to see what more can be done to encourage young British workers to consider a career in construction.

Richard Threlfall, KPMG UK Head of Infrastructure, Building and Construction, says: “For the first time in many generations, the UK has a strong pipeline of construction and infrastructure projects to reinvigorate the economy and drive our future competitiveness. But delivery of that pipeline is now in jeopardy – not for lack of political will or funding – but for lack of a sufficiently large and trained workforce. Unless action is taken now, our housing targets will be missed, and infrastructure projects delayed.”

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