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US buy-to-let property offered with tenants

Posted by: In: Real Estate 24 Apr 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

One US agent in Jacksonville, Florida, is offering buy-to-let properties that come with tenants already in place, so investors can maximise rental income

One US investment specialist is offering buy-to-let properties with a difference – they come complete with tenants.

Investment properties with tenants are being provided by investment specialist, JWB Real Estate Capital, based in Jacksonville, Florida, which is ripe for further economic and real estate market growth, it argues.

“Investors who are considering a real estate purchase in the state of Florida can utilise our new properties as one way to build an investment business without a lot of risks,” says a company spokesperson.

The inclusion of tenants paying monthly rent in single-family homes at will help property investors obtain a faster rate of return compared to purchasing a home that is not ready to be rented, it says.

JWB Real Estate Capital is also involved in new home construction to add to the company owned properties that are available for investment.

Company President, Alex Sifakis, compares Jacksonville to the movie, She’s All That? where two high school friends try to turn a shy, seemingly unattractive girl into the prom queen in six weeks.

He says, “Jacksonville is currently a thinly-veiled ugly duckling that is …read more

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