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What Makes A “Great” Real Estate Agent?

Posted by: In: Real Estate 27 Mar 2014 Comments: 0 Tags: ,

In response to several comments and requests I’ve had recently, I’m going to address a topic that is a big issue for real estate buyers and sellers. Specifically, what – beyond the generic answerswhat makes a particular real estate agent “great” and therefore a premier choice for a buyer or seller?

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In preparation for this article, I reviewed a number of pieces on the generic topic of what makes an agent “great” or a “good choice”. The points mentioned included a variety: Fast response time, knowledge of the local market, creative thinking skills, how to correctly price a home, and ability to “multi-task”. While I agree these are all valid skills, they are pretty much the skills that an administrative assistant could fill. Sending emails, calling me back quickly, and multi-tasking do not require a license. There has to be more to being a skilled real estate agent who is truly “great” at the business of listing and selling homes. Otherwise, why are we requiring that these particular administrative assistants be regulated?

I believe that a real estate agent (or broker), that is truly “great” at what they do, goes …read more

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